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Links to some of our favourite sites: people we have enjoyed working with.

Children in Distress| website

A powerhouse of good for disabled children in Romania. This exceptionally effective British charity among many other achievements set up Romania’s first specialised school for autistic children in Bucharest, using ABA in one-to-one intensive education. We visited the school in 2008. We performed at charity’s 21st anniversary service in Ely Cathedral in October 2011 and again at a fundraiser in Ely in October 2012.

Chroma Ensemble | website

“Founded in 1997, CHROMA is… known for the passion it brings to contemporary works, its vivid renderings of classic pieces and its diverse participation/learning activity.”  Absolutely, and Chroma were fantastic partners at the recording and first performance of  “Tela”, written for us by Chroma violinist Marcus Barcham-Stevens.        Marcus’s site

Arvon Wellen| website

Artist, film maker and photographer.  Lantern’s first supporter and a tirelessly generous collaborator. Creator of an amazing body of work, including the wonderful Æthelthryth paintings and prints that we showed at our first-ever performance in 2005. Masthead photos on this site are his copyright.

Zoë Chamberlain | website

Stunningly creative and stimulating public artist who designed and made the installation for our site-specific new work ENIGMA first shown at our Spring performance in Ely Cathedral in April 2012 and has generated lots more excellent ideas for collaboration across art forms. Watch this space!

Elaine Mayson | website

A former dancer with English National Ballet, now a top professional dance photographer working with some of the world’s best dance companies, Elaine produces perfectly-timed images of dancers at their most energetic and expressive. A classmate of Helen’s at the Rambert School. Photographed our “Tela” production live in 2007. See our Gallery.