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Integrated Classes

Our Creative Learning workshop in Ely, led by Siobhan Hayes & Hannah Sampson, Stopgap Dance Co.

Lantern was founded in 2005 by dancer and choreographer Helen Pettit as a repertory company to perform  her new work. Since then Helen has made many new pieces  for Lantern, from short numbers to full length ballets.

We work with guest choreographers, musicians and visual artists. Lantern’s Honorary Patron is Solomon Golding, Artist of San Francisco Ballet and a founder member of the company. Solomon began his ballet career with Helen before going to the Royal Ballet School and becoming the first black British male dancer at the Royal Ballet.

About half Lantern’s members have a disability and the group is about 50:50 F/M. At Lantern everyone is on equal terms, training and performing together. Our dancers are aged 12 and up. There’s no upper limit. Carers and parents are welcome.

Classes at the Paradise Centre, Ely

5:30-7:00 p.m. on Wednesdays  

5:45-6:45 on Saturdays

Lantern is all about participation, enjoyment and achievement. For us, integrated means that everyone does everything together, all the time. It’s active, energetic and fun.

There are just three basic rules: come to class every week, train hard and perform full on. Simple!

We ask everyone to sign up to Lantern’s Code of Conduct which covers the essentials of health & safety, respect and child protection.

A full team of rehearsal assistants and volunteers  is on hand each week. All are DBS checked and have been trained in Child Protection.  

Lantern and Integrated Dance

Lantern Company Class

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Lantern learning Capoeira moves

at U.Dance East, Ipswich